Hossain Dyeing

Our Lab

Coloring process require experiences and precision. We prepare color with measuring devices by our in-house laboratory to ensure color matching customer standard is provided. To maintain all customers’ quality parameter, we have installed all relevant testing equipment.

Machines we have in our Lab

SL No. Machine ListsQuantityBrand
1Tensile Stregth Tester (load cell: 100N, 500N, 3000N)01Jeams H Heal
2Tear Strength Tester- Digital01Jeams H Heal
3Hand crocometer last version01Jeams H Heal
4Abrasion & Pilling Tester (9 head) with standard01Jeams H Heal
5Pilling Assesment Viewer01Jeams H Heal
6Programable washing machine- Eletrolux Wascator2Jeams H Heal
7Tumble Dryer2Jeams H Heal
8Color fastness to washing m/c- min.  20 head01Jeams H Heal
9pH Meter01Hanna
10 Q-Sun Lightfastness Tester1James H Heal
11Spectrophotometer (Latest Version)-Mecbath1X-Rite
12Light Box ( Verivide)3Verivide 
13Prespirameter1Jeams H Heal
14Incubator1Jeams H Heal
15Sample Cutter Machine(GSM Cutter)1Jeams H Heal
16Hue Test Kit Box1X-Rite
17Lab Dyeing Padder2Rapid
18Dryer & Steam Machine For Continious1/m/cRapid