Hossain Dyeing



The name Hossain Dyeing is a renowned name for Woven fabrics. We are equipped with advanced machinery and are committed to expand and further upgrade our facility. We are happy to announce that we have already install Continuous Dyeing Range (CDR) in our facility with the Continuous Bleaching range.

And as part of product diversification we have successfully installed the Linen and Linen Blend products processing plant here in Bangladesh. Our other processes included woven fabric dyeing, yarn dyeing, fabric printing and towel processing.

The range we cover is RFD, Reactive, Pigment, and many more for peace dyed option.

We use best dyeing staff combined with up to dated dyeing technology to provide the best products.

Denim Process

Hossain dyeing has one of the country’s largest printing operations including an in house full facility of design and development. We are supporting customer for both Woven and Knit fabrics printing with a capacity 1,50, 000 Yds/day   for woven and 8500 Kgs of Knit fabrics printing facility. Our offering includes both Reactive and Pigment Print.

We have Two Zimmer Rotary printing and 4 Flatbed machine in our mills.

Again, with the commitment of diversification we installed successfully Digital Printing Facility in our Mill.      

We are producing more than 6 Million Meter of Peace dyed and Printed fabrics in Hossain Dyeing.